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Air Force asks DNA sample

The air force 's flight crew members now as part of their medical screening a DNA sample and dental records for a database provides .


Air Force cracking down on ill-discipline

The SA Air Force announced a stricter discipline enforcement regimen for all members on Thursday.


Air force may clip Zuma's wings

President Jacob Zuma's international travel commitments may be affected by the air force's financial predicament, according to a report on Monday.


SAAF Chief optimistic on the future

The Chief of the Airforce, Lt Gen Fabian Msimang, is optimistic about the future of the SAAF, despite the serious challenges it faces.


SA Air Force’s A-109s grounded

Not one of the SAAF\'s 18 Agusta A109 helicopters is currently flying because there are no funds to use them operationally, the Afrikaans daily Beeld reports.


No money for pilots

By Graeme hoskinBudgetary allocations for the crucial training of air force pilots and navigators have been frozen - but the government plans to splurge billions on a VVIP aircraft for President Jacob Zuma.The purchase is planned despite the Inkwaz...


Crash pilot almost failed

The airforce pilot that crashed an Agusta helicopter in the Kruger National Park in March had a volatile history as a pilot.


Air force wings clipped

The SA Air Force is in crisis. Its pilot and navigator recruitment programmes have been shut down and there are plans to shelve other projects.


Airforce cancels new pilot courses

The South African Air Force (SAAF) has cancelled all new recruitment initiatives for the year, including that for pilots and navigators.


Five senior government officials suspended in first “Guptagate” fall-out

Government’s bureaucratic machine has moved into top gear for both damage limitation and the hunt for culprits after the unauthorised arrival of a chartered jetliner at AFB Waterkloof earlier this week.


SAAF affirmative action report slated

A report stating the SAAFs affirmative action policy will result in nothing more than higher aircraft crash statistics has been trashed by sections of the wider community of aviation enthusiasts, writers and observers.


AA could affect crash stats - think-tank

The international military think-tank website, Strategypage, believes the SAAF's affirmative action policy will result in nothing more than higher plane crash statistics.


Crisis upon crisis at AFB Makhado

Some 50 families from Air Force Base Makhado’s Braambos residential area will be left virtually destitute at the end of this month as a result of massive retrenchment action at the base.


SAAF to lose maintenance technicians

The SAAF’s air servicing units will lose 389 skilled maintenance technicians on April 1 but will retain the services of 139 specialists following the expiration of the contract with Denel’s AMG.


New Deputy Chief of the Airforce appointed

Major General Wiseman Simo Mbambo has taken over the reigns as the new Deputy Chief of the South African Air Force.


Some AMG specialists will move to the SAAF

About 200 aircraft maintenance specialist engineers and technicians who have been ensuring continued airworthiness of many SAAF will find themselves in the employ of the Department of Defence.


New Ysterplaat boss returns home

It was a welcome home for Col Christo Stroebel, the new OC of AFB Ysterplaat, when he took over command of the picturesque Cape Town airbase at a Change of Command Parade on Thursday.


SAAF personnel welcome new book

Long-time military aviation enthusiast Dean Wingrin’s first foray into book publishing has been welcomed by retired and serving members of the South African Air Force.


Ninety years of memories of the SAAF captured in new book

A new book on the SAAF has captured the personal history and many of the previously untold tales and experiences of dozens of airmen who served in both war and peace-time during the Air Force's first ninety years.


AMG contract cancellation will knock SAAF – Deputy

The SAAF will take some serious knocks due to the end of its maintenance contract with AMG, but the Deputy Chief of the Air Force is confident that the SAAF will retain maintenance capability.


SAAF maintenance contract cancellation costing jobs at Denel

More than 500 maintenance specialists at Denel Aviation will be out of work following the SAAF’s cancellation of a maintenance contract with the company.


Dakota crash victims honoured

A suitably sombre Memorial Service was held at AFB Ysterplaat on Wednesday 12 December in memory of the victims of the South African Airforce aircraft that crashed last week.


Lieutenant grounded for 'borrowing' plane

A SAAF pilot has been grounded for "borrowing" a plane to visit a friend in neighbouring Botswana and an officer has been reprimanded for spicing up her uniform with hot pink slippers, the defence ministry said on Wednesday.


Air Force cuts contract wings

A decision that could compromise the airworthiness of the Air force's aircraft, including the VIP aircraft, hit the military aviation ranks this week like a bomb.


SAAF flying hours not achieved

The SAAF did not meet the required number of flight hours during 2011/2012, according to the annual Department of Defence report, flying around 4 000 fewer hours than required.

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