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Mirage F1AZ's Retire

The Mirage F1AZ's of 1 Squadron were officially retired today. This leaves the Atlas Cheetah as the only strike fighter in the SAAF. No 1 Squadron, which has stood down, will hopefully be reactivated in 1999 with an as yet unidentified fighter. ...


Air Force in Crisis?

The fiscus has reduced the national defense budget for the remainder of the 1998 financial year by hundreds of millions of Rand, the second time this year that R700m ($144.3m) has been cut from the budget. All arms of the SANDF have had to curtail th...


German equipment proposals

A group of German manufacturers presented a R10 billion (US$2.1 billion) defense equipment proposal on 21 August 1997 involving aircraft, corvettes and submarines. Aircraft proposed for the SAAF are some 35-40 DASA AT-2000 advanced trainers...


Aircraft Disposals

A number of surplus SAAF aircraft have recently been put up for disposal. These include 35 Mirage III's, 11 Mirage F1CZ's, 22 Mirage F1AZ's, 37 Impala MkII's, 16 Impala MkI's, nine Transall C-160Z's, three C-47 Dakot...


New Situation Display System

Isis, a member of the Altech Group in South Africa, has developed an Air Picture Display System (APDS) for the South African Air Force and a digital recording and playback system for the country's Air Traffic and Navigation Service Company (ATNS)...


Net Loss of Pilots

A total of 101 pilots quit the air force last year, most for better job opportunities or because the pay was too low. This was disclosed by Mr. Modise in the NCOP in reply to questions by James Selfe of the Democratic Party. However, 36 qua...


Accusations fly over SAAF Mirage re-engineing deal

SOUTH AFRICA and Russia are involved in a bout of mutual recriminations over the abortive plan to re-engine the former's Mirages with Klimov RD-33s, part of a deal which also included the supply of the Vympel R-73 (AA-11 Archer) air-to-air missile.


DACM between Russia and South African

The following article appears to be a direct  translation from a Russian magazine article.Under the agreement on technical and military cooperation between the air forces of the South African Republic and Russia, Hoespruit AB hosted an exercise ...


Python 3 in South African service

THE FIRST FIRM evidence that the South African Air Force (SAAF) has acquired the Israeli Rafael Python 3 short-range infra-red air-to-air missile (AAM) has emerged in photographs of an air force Dassault Mirage F-1C.

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