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Acquisition of additional VIP aircraft now a SCAMP project

The acquisition of additional VIP aircraft by the SAAF has gone from a review of requirements and available budget to being put on the SCAMP project list.


AFB Waterkloof to host Air Force Day parade

For the first time in the last 10 years, the SAAF will this year mark its establishment on the day it became an operational part of the then Union Defence Force.


The race is on to find new transporters

News about the SAAF’s possible plans to buy new transport aircraft have caused a race with contenders scrambling to South Africa from all directions.


50 years of SAAF Reserves

The Reserve component of the SAAF last year marked its 50th anniversary.


End of year message

For the South African Air Force, 2013 has been, in the words of Queen Elizabeth II, an annus horribilis. It has certainly been a busy, challenging year, a year of frustrations spiked with proud achievements.


Rooivalk in Christmas Day DRC action

For the second time since arriving in the DRC at the end of October, SAAF attack helicopters have been requested by the UN to attack rebel positions.


SA choppers sent in to help retake DRC town

A special UN force in eastern DRC used helicopters on Wednesday to fire on Ugandan rebels and help government troops retake the town of Kamango.


Saab receives Gripen steady state support order

The contract enables Saab to conduct support operations in a sustainable manner with a long-term horizon.


SANDF supporting Mandela commemoration, burial

The SANDF shifted into top gear only hours after Nelson Mandela died at his Houghton, Johannesburg, home last Thursday.


At least three companies in the running to boost SAAF airlift, maritime and transport capacity

The mainstays of the SAAF's airlift and multi-role maritime aircraft have been in service for 50 and 60 years plus respectively, making planning for replacements a priority.


Wings awarded to new pilots

Ten young men of the South African Air Force were awarded their coveted Wings at a parade at AFB Langebaanweg on Thursday.


Air Force asks DNA sample

The air force 's flight crew members now as part of their medical screening a DNA sample and dental records for a database provides .


SAAF struggles to justify Wings and Wheels show cancellation

The senior command cadre of the SAAF has not won itself any friends, particularly in the Western Cape, by the late cancellation of the Wings and Wheels show due to have taken place at AFB Ysterplaat next weekend.


Row after Cape air show cancelled

A furious row has erupted over the South African Air Force’s decision to pull the plug on Cape Town’s Wings and Wheels Air Show, with the local aviation fraternity claiming political interference as the root cause.


Media Statement: Cancellation of AFB Ysterplaat Air Show

After a due diligence review of the arrangements for the show, and several attempts at corrective action, the Air Force command found it difficult to reconcile the planned show with the Air Force’s Vision and Strategic outcomes.


Ysterplaat Wings and Wheels Air Show (Cancelled)

With just two weeks t go, the South African Air Force has cancelled the Wings and Wheels 2013 show.


Il-76s for the SAAF?

A SA National Defence Force (SANDF) project team is burning the midnight oil on an urgent study to ensure extra airlift capacity for the SA Air Force (SAAF) becomes a reality.Afrikaans daily Beeld reports Ilyushin 76s (Il-76s) are top of the list to ...


First ever combat for Rooivalk

After three decades of development, the South African designed and built Rooivalk attack helicopter has not only deployed operationally for the first time, but it has also fired its guns in anger.


Agusta LUH conversion course resumes

After five months of not flying, the SAAF's fleet of Agusta A109 Light Utility Helicopers (LUH) are back in the air again and converting new pilots.


Underfunding eroding SA Air Force

Severe underfunding has led to the erosion of the SAAF and its equipment, according to the Department of Defence’s Annual Report.


Rooivalk “makes a difference” in the DRC

More than 13 years after the first prototype of the Rooivalk attack helicopter flew in South Africa, the first one flew to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) this past weekend.


Drama in air at demonstration day

A tool box crushed two vertebrae in the back of a female captain and broke the ankle of a load master when the Hercules C-130 cargo plane in which they were flying went into a screaming, out-of-control nose dive at a military show at Roodewal shooting ran


Falcons to fly regularly again

Public appearances by the Silver Falcons are set to resume after the crack aerobatic team’s displays were earlier this year curtailed by the SAAF's diminishing budget.


AFB Durban move will happen, no date set yet

The SAAF has no plans to close any of its nine bases, although AFB Durban is due to move, probably to King Shaka International Airport, at “some stage”.


Air Force cracking down on ill-discipline

The SA Air Force announced a stricter discipline enforcement regimen for all members on Thursday.

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