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Drama in air at demonstration day

A tool box crushed two vertebrae in the back of a female captain and broke the ankle of a load master when the Hercules C-130 cargo plane in which they were flying went into a screaming, out-of-control nose dive at a military show at Roodewal shooting ran


Falcons to fly regularly again

Public appearances by the Silver Falcons are set to resume after the crack aerobatic team’s displays were earlier this year curtailed by the SAAF's diminishing budget.


AFB Durban move will happen, no date set yet

The SAAF has no plans to close any of its nine bases, although AFB Durban is due to move, probably to King Shaka International Airport, at “some stage”.


Air Force cracking down on ill-discipline

The SA Air Force announced a stricter discipline enforcement regimen for all members on Thursday.


New funds to give SAAF wings

The defence department will be shifting much-needed funds to the cash-strapped SAAF, National Treasury said on Wednesday.


Hawk trainer iPad trial to start in South Africa

South African air force pilots are to trial the use of iPad tablets with the service’s Hawk lead-in fighter trainers.


Western Cape legislature hears “no SAAF helos for firefighting”

With fire season looming in the Western Cape, it appears that the SAAF cannot make helicopters available to assist municipal, provincial and other firefighting efforts in the province.


Public invited to view Air Capability Demonstation

The public is invited to attend the practise day of the next Air Capability Demonstation which will be held at the Roodewal Bombing Range on 23 October.


Rooivalk is going to DRC

Three Rooivalk combat support helicopters will be in the DRC before year-end to boost MONUSCO and its Force Intervention Brigade (FIB).


Portals SANDF Rooivalk looks set for DRC deployment

Just on 30 years after development work started on a home-grown attack helicopter, South Africa’s Rooivalk seems set for its first operational deployment.


Unique African aviation museum celebrates 40 years

Africa’s only working military aviation museum, at Swartkops Air Force Base near Pretoria, celebrated its 40th anniversary at the monthly flying/training day at the weekend.


Falcons to fly at Rand

The SAAF's crack aerobatics team – the Silver Falcons – will take to the skies for only their second public display of the year on Saturday at the Rand Airshow.


SAAF must get BVR capability to be relevant on the African continent

By Chris SzaboIf the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as a region and South Africa as a country wish to be taken seriously on the continent, a Beyond Visual Range (BVR) capability must be introduced for the SA Air Force’s Gripen C/...


SA deploys Rooivalk attack helicopters to DRC

The SANDF says Rooivalk attack helicopters are being deployed to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Wednesday.


SAAF jets aren't in storage, says general

The SAAF has found that it was better - and cheaper - not to put the aircraft into long-term storage.


UN has to approve deployment before Rooivalks head to DRC

It is not the SANDF but the UN that will decide whether the Rooivalk combat support helicopter will be deployed in the eastern DRC.


No buyers yet for surplus SAAF Astras

The SAAF's 18 surplus Pilatus Astras up for sale have still not found a buyer, while the 35 upgraded PC-7s that received new cockpit and navigation avionics have all re-entered service.


No progress on SAAF base security upgrade project

In progress projects on the Strategic Capital Acquisition Master Plan (SCAMP) to upgrade protection of air force facilities does not appear to hold any water when it comes to the workings of the Portfolio Committee on Defence.


Lack of Public Works maintenance costing the SANDF millions

A long history of dissatisfaction about the lack of priority given to maintenance of military bases and facilities by the Department of Public Works (DPW) has come to a head as a result of 10 months of self-supplied electricity at AFB Makhado.


Airforce aircraft may not fly again

Unless the Air Force receives at least R800 million from the government within the next eight months its fighter jets and helicopters, which are not operational because of a budget deficit, may never fly again.


Air force may clip Zuma's wings

President Jacob Zuma's international travel commitments may be affected by the air force's financial predicament, according to a report on Monday.


Flying Zuma home eats up rescue budget

The SAAF's two helicopter squadrons on the coast have received no funding this year for sea and mountain rescue operations, but have received funding for VIP flights, according to a report.


SAAF Chief optimistic on the future

The Chief of the Airforce, Lt Gen Fabian Msimang, is optimistic about the future of the SAAF, despite the serious challenges it faces.


Chief of the SAAF: The past is important

It is important that new and current members of the SAAF are reminded of the service's past whilst preparing for the future.


SAAF “crisis” caused by underfunding

With the country's military watchers united in their view the SAAF is fast approaching crisis point in terms of operational ability the finger is - again - being pointed at underfunding.

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