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Milestones for the C-130 – locally and internationally

Come month-end, the SAAF’s 28 Squadron will mark two major milestones – its 70th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of the venerable C-130BZ in service.


Ex Young Eagle will be part of Ex Shared Accord this year

In what can only be seen as another challenge brought about by a tight budget, this year will see the SA Army’s major airborne assault exercise form part of a joint United States humanitarian exercise in the Eastern Cape.


Crash pilot almost failed

The airforce pilot that crashed an Agusta helicopter in the Kruger National Park in March had a volatile history as a pilot.


Air force wings clipped

The SA Air Force is in crisis. Its pilot and navigator recruitment programmes have been shut down and there are plans to shelve other projects.


Slick SAAF air capability demo in spite of austerity

By Kim HelfrichAusterity does not mean inefficiency. This was ably proven by the SA Air Force (SAAF) during its air capability demonstration at the Roodewal bombing range in Limpopo yesterday. In common with the three other arms of service, the...


SAAF Museum airshow going to be a goodie

Forty years of preserving South Africa’s military aviation history will be marked with a massive 40 helicopter formation flypast at the SAAF Museum airshow on Saturday.


Industry targeting careers at SAAF Museum air show

The fear that South Africa’s pipeline of young engineers for the aerospace and aviation sectors is “drying up” is one of the reasons why major local defence industry company, Paramount Group, is supporting the SAAF Museum and its annual airshow.


Airforce cancels new pilot courses

The South African Air Force (SAAF) has cancelled all new recruitment initiatives for the year, including that for pilots and navigators.


Five senior government officials suspended in first “Guptagate” fall-out

Government’s bureaucratic machine has moved into top gear for both damage limitation and the hunt for culprits after the unauthorised arrival of a chartered jetliner at AFB Waterkloof earlier this week.


Investigation underway into civilian use of AFB Waterkloof

Forty-eight hours after a breach of security, in terms of the apartheid-era National Key Points Act, a top government official apparently implicated in facilitating the arrival of a privately chartered airliner at AFB Waterkloof has been suspended.


SAAF affirmative action report slated

A report stating the SAAFs affirmative action policy will result in nothing more than higher aircraft crash statistics has been trashed by sections of the wider community of aviation enthusiasts, writers and observers.


AA could affect crash stats - think-tank

The international military think-tank website, Strategypage, believes the SAAF's affirmative action policy will result in nothing more than higher plane crash statistics.


US military aid supports SAAF C-130s

By Guy MartinThe military aid that South Africa receives from the United States every year largely goes towards supporting the Air Force’s fleet of nine C-130 Hercules aircraft. According to an official from the US military’s Africa...


Five of nine SAAF Hercules serviceable

The SAAF is operating five of its nine C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, as the others are either being serviced or are awaiting inspections.


SA was ready for more

South Africa was ready and armed to the teeth for a second intervention in the Central African Republic (CAR), though the army denied it until now.


Silver Falcons to be grounded

By Kim Helfrich The bite of the defence force budget bug seems to have claimed another victim. This time it’s the South African Air Force’s Silver Falcons elite aerobatic team, which has been grounded. “While there is no offic...


SA sends more troops to CAR - report

While government has come under fire for the way in which troops were deployed to the Central African Republic, it has emerged that South Africa has sent even more troops, fighter planes and transport planes to the region.


Heli crash: Captain to be a father

The captain that died in a helicopter crash in the Kruger National Park on Saturday night would have been a father for the first time in two months time.


Silver Falcons convert to Hawk jets

The Silver Falcons, the official aerobatic team of the SAAF, has recently converted to the Hawk jet trainer.


Troops saw comrades die

Soldiers curbing rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park on Sunday night heard and saw an airforce helicopter with five of their colleagues crash and explode.


5 die in Kruger chopper crash

ive people died when a helicopter crashed in the Kruger National Park on Saturday evening, the SANDF said.


SA Air Force 'on rescue mission to CAR'

South African Air Force rescue team has left the country bound for Entebbe Uganda to prepare to evacuate wounded SA soldiers in the Central African Republic (CAR), according to a report.


Crisis upon crisis at AFB Makhado

Some 50 families from Air Force Base Makhado’s Braambos residential area will be left virtually destitute at the end of this month as a result of massive retrenchment action at the base.


Military equipment almost auctioned

Aircraft parts sent by Air Force for servicing in a foreign country was almost sold at a public auction, due to a delay in issuing permits to re-import it again.


Rooivalk ready to deploy after upgrades completed

The SAAF has its full complement of Rooivalk combat support helicopters back on inventory after Denel Aviation returned the final aircraft following more than two years of work on Block 1F upgrades.

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