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Armscor looking for quick turnaround on new SAAF VIP jet acquisition

The issuing of a Request for Information (RFI) for an inter-continental VIP aircraft for the SA Air Force (SAAF) last week is another step in the defence acquisition process, in this particular instance going back to 2012.


“Deeply stupid” for South Africa to acquire a dedicated long range VIP aircraft

While the issuing of a Request for Information (RFI) by Armscor is the start of a long and often convoluted process toward eventual acquisition someone who is not happy about the information request for a new inter-continental VIP aircraft for the South A


South Africa’s R4bn VIP jet tender

Last Thursday, an innocuous-looking entry appeared at the top of Armscor’s tender announcements list. In it, Armscor announced a Request for Information for an ‘Inter-Contintental VIP aircraft’, without providing any further information other than contact


Engine upgrade for SAAF King Air

New engines and propellers are being sought for one of the three King Air 200Cs operated by the South African Air Force\'s 41 Squadron.


First A-Darter missiles to be delivered in February

The development of the A-Darter fifth generation short range air-to-air missile has reached the stage of industrialisation and subsequent production with first deliveries expected by February next year. The 2014/15 Armscor annual report notes th...


SAAF force employment flying hours slightly up in 2014/15

By Kim Helfrich The Department of Defence annual report for 2014/14 indicates the SA Air Force flew just over five thousand hours in the year under review. The figure of force employment 5,026.49 hours is 555 more than was reported in the p...


Air Force jet pilots going to Russia for further training

The financially strapped SAAF is further extending its foreign training commitments with Russia being the latest addition.


Ysterplaat instils passion for aviation in local students

Following hot on the heels of the very successful Aviators Evening hosted by Air Force Base Ysterplaat on Thursday 8 October 2015, the next day the Cape airforce base played host to underprivileged school children.


SAAF Museum adds a Cessna 185 to its inventory – more to come

A silver Cessna 185, bearing the words “SA Army/SA Leer,” took to the air for the first time after refurbishment to become another of the Museum’s flyable aircraft.


Update on Hawks moving to AFB Waterkloof

The SAAF is intending to reopen an operational squadron to fly the Hawk Mk120.


Elements of 85 Combat Flying School to operate from AFB Waterkloof

The South African Air Force plans to relocate 85 Combat Flying School, along with its fleet of Hawk Mk120s from AFB Makhado in Limpopo to AFB Waterkloof in Pretoria.


Cuba now teaching flying and air traffic control to SA Air Force members

Cuban/South African military co-operation has ratcheted up another notch since the start of this month with 24 SAAF members now undergoing extended training in various aviation-related disciplines in the island republic.


Beleaguered SAAF apparently reaching out to SAA for assistance

The point has apparently been reached where the SA Air Force is aware it cannot fulfil its defence obligations and the airborne arm of the SANDF has turned to pilots flying for the national carrier, SAA, for assistance.


Silver Falcons and supersonic car for the next Ysterplaat Aviators Evening

The next Aviators Evening to be hosted by Force Base Ysterplaat onThursday 8 October 2015 is sure to set the pulse racing for both aviation and motor car enthusiasts alike.


Why Cyril Ramaphosa had to use a Gupta plane

The SA Air Force pays up to $30 000 (R400 000) per course for advanced training for its VIP pilots, but four of the six sessions it booked and paid for overseas were cancelled this year at the last minute.


SAAF Museum flight’s new addition ready to fly

The latest addition to the SAAF Museum flight – a Cessna 150 – is expected to take part in the September flying training day.


Seeker UAVs for the SAAF

t’s about as official as it can be without any official acknowledgement. According to the latest Denel annual report “the Seeker 400 is now in production for our local customer”.


26 of 39 Oryx upgraded by Denel Aviation

Denel Aviation will conclude the avionics upgrade of 39 of the South African Air Force’s Oryx transport helicopters in January 2016 after years of delays.


Braddick continues to support SAAF’s turbine C-47TPs

Braddick Specialised Air Services, whose precursor Wonder Air converted the SAAF’s C-47s to turbine power, is still supporting these venerable aircraft with airframe and aircraft support systems.


Further details of Oryx taxy incident in the DRC revealed

Further details have been revealed about the incident in the Democratic Republic of the Congo last month when an Oryx helicopter suffered damage whilst preparing for take-off.


SAAF helicopter on UN mission in DRC damaged in taxying incident

No-one was injured when a SAAF Oryx helicopter suffered damaged to its\' nose on Saturday July 18 whilst operating in the DRC.


SAAF chief visiting China

The Chief of the South African Air Force, General Fabian Msimang, is currently in China on an official visit.


Ex Blue Okavango focuses on regional humanitarian aid

The SAAF has confirmed its participation in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) humanitarian aid assistance exercise Blue Okavango currently underway in Botswana.


Saab offering Giraffe radars to meet SAAF’s Project CHUTNEY requirements

Saab will offer its Giraffe 4/8A radars to meet the SAAF’s Project Chutney requirements for the replacement of its ground based radars.


Who has airpower superiority in southern Africa?

South Africa’s reputation as top gun when it comes to air power in the southern African region could be shot down by Angola and its powerful new Russian fighters.

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