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SAAF Grounds Oryx due to Budget Restrictions

Lieutenant-General Roelf Beukes, Chief of the Air Force, ordered the grounding this week after the Air Force had tried in vain to get hold of the promised compensation from other State departments, donor countries and world aid organisations for emer...


Airforce in crisis 1

Due to the severe budget problems the SAAF is experiencing as a result of its operations in Mozambique, all scheduled shuttles (Flossies) between the major bases have been cancelled with effect from 19 April until further notice. Apparently, the mone...


Airforce in crisis 2

It is rumoured that the entire fleet of a strategic transport and special mission aircraft has been grounded due to problems with the paperwork of spare parts and replacement items. It is unknown whether the aircraft will fly again....


Airforce in crisis 3

In a further cost-cutting exercise, the SAAF is planning to vacate another of its Air Force Bases within the next two/three years....


The UN seeking funds to keep the SANDF in Mozambique

The UN is appealing for more funds to allow the SA National Defence Force to continue disaster relief and rescue floods in cyclone-ravaged Mozambique. The SANDF has deployed medical and air force teams to the country to help it cope with its worst ra...


SAAF in favour of common cockpits

The SA Air Force says it is keen to retire its old fighter platforms in order to achieve a common cockpit design. The Ministry of Defence has also come out in favour of the concept, that will see South Africa's new generation medium fighters (JAS...


Lack of Pilots


The Auditor General hammers SAAF

The Auditor General (the South African equivalent of the US GAO) has slammed the South African Air Force in a recent report. An audit found the SAAF wasted R50 million when a R306,6 million project for the upgrading of 39 C47 Dakotas was scaled down ...


Air Force in Crisis?

The fiscus has reduced the national defense budget for the remainder of the 1998 financial year by hundreds of millions of Rand, the second time this year that R700m ($144.3m) has been cut from the budget. All arms of the SANDF have had to curtail th...

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