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Sisulu stalls SA Air Force meeting

Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu on Thursday suggested a meeting with SA Air Force top brass be held behind closed doors.


Air Force budget hovers at inflation rate

The South African Air Force's budget will modestly increase in the next three years, after falling from 2008.


Defence budget up

The defence budget is up. The Estimates of National Expenditure document released this afternoon with Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan's annual budget speech shows R37 492 954 allocated for the year beginning April 1.


Lack of funds grounds SA airforce

Hundreds of millions of rands in cash injections are needed to keep the SA Air Force (SAAF) flying. That was the stark message delivered by air force chief Lt Gen Carlo Gagiano in Pretoria yesterday.


Defence budget inadequate - Sisulu

The defence department's inadequate budget is affecting its operations, Defence and Military Veterans Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said on Wednesday.


Funding difficulties for air force's C-130s

Chief of air force says funding is adversely affecting the operations of the South African Air Force.


Air Force to miss 2015 upgrade deadline?

Analysis of defence expenditure indicates that the SAAF seems set to miss its 2015/16 deadline to replace its venerable fleet of medium transports.


Defence budget up, but not much

Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan is boosting defence spending.


SAAF faces "hard decisions"

The SAAF's mandate and budget allocation is not aligned and this "implies hard decisions with serious implications."


Combat pilots - secret's out

The air force's "secret" about the number of qualified Gripen fighter pilots was recently made public in great detail by its own officers during a briefing.


State casts defence secrecy net wider

The government's growing resort to secrecy reached Parliament's defence committee, when SAAF officials declined to give details of qualified combat pilots, saying it would compromise national security.


Air Force keeps mum on combat pilots

The SAAF on Wednesday invoked "national security" to avoid telling MPs how many fully-trained combat pilots it had to fly its multi-billion-rand Gripen fighter and Hawk fighter-trainer aircraft.


Gripen won't be grounded

The defence force will find the money within its shrunken budget to keep South Africa's fleet of Gripen fighter jets flying, Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said on Tuesday.


Budget for flying hours concerns air force Chief

The Chief of the SAAF is anxious about the number of flying hours aircrew will be allocated during 2011 and 2012.


Unavoidable costs ruining the SANDF

Unavoidable costs, mostly for salaries, are taking up ever-more of South Africa's shrinking defence budget, leaving no funds for training, maintenance or to acquire much needed equipment.


Sisulu fighting for more defence finance

Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Lindiwe Sisulu says she is fighting for an increase in the defence budget.


South African National Defence Force in crisis

South Africa's armed forces are facing a lack of funding and suffering from an inexperienced direction.


Air force boss slams poor state of affairs

South Africa's air force chief has delivered a damning verdict on the country's military aircraft, raising concerns about defence capabilities.


DoD R7.335bn underfunded

The DoD says it is underfunded by at least R7.335 billion for the new financial year that begins tomorrow.


Air force, navy 'just for show'

The expensive Gripen fighter jets, frigates and submarines which cost South African taxpayers billions of rands will mainly be on the ground and in port over the next three years, because there's no money to operate them.


SAAF SDA allocation doubles in medium term – but why?

The amount allocated to the South African Air Force in the Special Defence Account (SDA) - money used to fund acquisitions - is set to double in the next three years - though it is not exactly clear why.


Defence gets short end of stick: FF+, analysts

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan gas given the military the short end of the stick. That's the view of Freedom Front Plus defence spokesman and at leat two respected defence analysts.


Zuma equalises defence, police pay

President Jacob Zuma yesterday announced the equalisation of defence force and police service pay.


Nombembe shines light on air force's idle trainer aircraft

The Department of Defence incurred irregular expenditure of R118m last year because it did not follow proper procurement procedures, auditor-general Terence Nombembe has reported.


Dangerously neglected

Soldiers, airmen and sailors will find little comfort in the budget - though a few areas have been favoured.

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