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Hercules suffers nose gear collapse

The main runway at AFB Waterkloof has been closed after a four-engine transport aircraft suffered a nose-gear collapse.


Mystery of jet's ejecting artist

The Department of Defence is still investigating how Barrydale artist Pieter van Tonder was ejected from one of their Silver Falcon aircraft last month.


Astra lands minus passenger

In a highly unusual incident, a SAAF Astra training aircraft landed with one person less than which it took off!


Bodies of missing crash victims found

The bodies of the two missing crew members of the Agusta A109 LUH which crashed on Tuesday were found earlier today.


Crash victims named

After a day and half of searching, emergency services have managed to recover the body of one of the Defence Force members that drowned in a helicopter crash on Tuesday.


'It was like watching a movie'

The body of one of the three South African Air Force (SAAF) members who drowned when their helicopter crashed into the Woodstock Dam near Bergville has been recovered.


Body of captain recovered

The following is a rough translation from an Afrikaans article that appeard in the Beeld newspaper:By Dries LiebenbergThe body of the helicopter crew member which was recovered from a Kwazulu-Natal dam the day before yesterday has been identifie...


'Chopper pieces floated all over'

A witness saw three helicopters approaching him from a northward direction. Only minutes later, the helicopter at the back of the pack dropped, landing just a few hundred metres away from him.


MoD announces fatal helicopter accident

The Ministry of Defence has issued a press release confirming the Agusta A109 crash.


Three die as Agusta crashes into dam

An Agusta A109 helicopter crashed into a dam at midday today.


Air crash Hawk damage minimal

The Hawk lead-in fighter trainer damaged last month after it ran off a runway after its drag chute failed suffered little in the incident.


Hawk incident update

Adding to our previous report, it now appears that the Hawk experienced a dragchute failure on a wet runway while landing at night.


Hawk incident at Swartkop

A Hawk performed a wheels-up landing at Swartkop this morning.


CASA 212 damaged on take-off

A CASA 212 tranport aircraft was damaged while attempting to take-off in strong winds today.


Training aircraft fly again after accident

The airforces\' Pilatus Astra training aircraft can fly again. The airforce has announced that the flight safety review that temporary withdrew the aircraft from service was withdrawn yesterday.


Air Force grounds fleet

The SAAF has grounded its fleet of Pilatus Astra PC-7 MkII aircraft following the death of a pilot in a plane crash on Tuesday.


Technical fault takes life of pilot

A senior airforce pilot with more than 30 years flying experience died yesterday when a technical problem was the likely cause of the crash of his training aircraft shortly after take-off.


SAAF pilot dies as aircraft crashes near Bredasdorp soon after takeoff

A SAAF pilot died when a single-engine light aircraft crashed shortly after taking off from the Test Flight and Development Centre outside Bredasdorp yesterday.


Astra crashes at AFB Overberg

An Astra crashed today shortly after take-off from TFDC at AFB Overberg, killing the pilot.


Cop dies in border chopper crash

A routine crime prevention exercise has turned deadly for a group of soldiers and police patrolling the Lesotho border.


Helicopter pilots 'short of eyes'

Helicopter flying, particulalry in mountain areas with strong wind, takes place in a three-dimensional space which requires a helicopter pilot to have eyes in the back of his head.


Oryx crashes in Free State

An Oryx helicopter carrying 14 police officers has crashed between Weppener and Zastron.


Rooivalk performs emergency landing

A Rooivalk helicopter of 16 Squadron suffered ahard landing sometime during the previous week when it apparently lost power in one engine. As the aircraft was in a valley, it was decided to perform an emergency landing. Damage unknown, but the Rooiva...


SAAF men's graves found

Thirty years after their aircraft was shot down in the maelstrom of the Angolan civil war, the graves of two SA air force pilots and an army captain have been found.The families are trying to raise funds for a pilgrimage to their lonely resting place...


Wreckage of SAAF Cessna found

The following was posted on SAAF News:On 25 November 1975 a Cessna piloted by Lt KA Williamson and 2 passengers Lt E Thompson SAAF and Captain D J Taljaard S A Army was shot down in the vicinity of Ebo in Angola. I can confirm that the wreckage of th...

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