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Two injured in Airforce Cessna crash

The SAAF has confirmed that the two crew of a Cessna 208 Caravan that crashed on a private farm in the Cape have been hospitalised.


SAAF plane crashes near AFB Langebaanweg

Two people have been criically injured when a SAAF aircraft crashed this morning near AFB Langebaanweg.


Further details of Oryx taxy incident in the DRC revealed

Further details have been revealed about the incident in the Democratic Republic of the Congo last month when an Oryx helicopter suffered damage whilst preparing for take-off.


SAAF helicopter on UN mission in DRC damaged in taxying incident

No-one was injured when a SAAF Oryx helicopter suffered damaged to its' nose on Saturday July 18 whilst operating in the DRC.


Air crash: Parents believe explanation doesn't make sense

The Air Force told them only God has the answers why their son died in an airforce aircraft accident and that they should accept that.


Pilot chopper had been weak in flight school

The pilot of an Agusta 109 Air Force helicopter that crashed two years ago in the Kruger National Park with four soldiers on board, had already struggled during his basic flying training to get understanding of certain aspects of flight.


Airforce naval helicopter lands after indications of fire

A SAAF helicopter performed a precautionary landing on a golf course this afternoon when indications of a fire were detected.


Air Force on thin ice, experts say

According to pilots and technicians in the Air Force, these accidents should be a wake-up call to those making decisions for the military's budget.


SAAF names plane crash dead

The three SA Air Force members killed when their Cessna Caravan crashed in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, were named by the SA National Defence Force on Wednesday.


Air force crash mystery

By Graeme HoskenA routine air force training flight turned into a disaster yesterday morning when the aircraft crashed into an Mpumalanga mountain, killing its two crew and a passenger.The Cessna Caravan C208 from 41 Squadron, which is based at Wate...


Three kiled, two injured in Caravan crash

Three people died when a Cessna aircraft crashed inear Lydenburg this morning.


Hawks "subjected to a precautionary stop-fly"

By Kim HelfrichA landing incident involving a Hawk jet trainer at AFB Makhado late last month did not lead to the SA Air Force’s (SAAF) entire Hawk fleet being grounded. “The fleet was subjected to a precautionary stop-fly in accord...


Hawk fleet grounded after accident

The SAAF has ground their Hawk trainer fleet following the crash of a jet whilst landing last Thursday.


Hawk training jet damaged in landing accident

A SAAF Hawk training jet was badly damaged in a landing incident on Thursday.


Agusta A109 in landing incident

A SAAF Agusta A109 helicopter has suffered minor damage in a landing incident at AFS PE on 5 February.


Air Force asks DNA sample

The air force 's flight crew members now as part of their medical screening a DNA sample and dental records for a database provides .


Drama in air at demonstration day

A tool box crushed two vertebrae in the back of a female captain and broke the ankle of a load master when the Hercules C-130 cargo plane in which they were flying went into a screaming, out-of-control nose dive at a military show at Roodewal shooting ran


Crash pilot almost failed

The airforce pilot that crashed an Agusta helicopter in the Kruger National Park in March had a volatile history as a pilot.


Heli crash: Captain to be a father

The captain that died in a helicopter crash in the Kruger National Park on Saturday night would have been a father for the first time in two months time.


Troops saw comrades die

Soldiers curbing rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park on Sunday night heard and saw an airforce helicopter with five of their colleagues crash and explode.


5 die in Kruger chopper crash

ive people died when a helicopter crashed in the Kruger National Park on Saturday evening, the SANDF said.


Drakensberg crash board of enquiry still underway

While the Minister might want speedy delivery of the preliminary report into the Drakensberg C-47TP crash the SAAF will be as "thorough as possible" in its investigations Deputy Chief Major General Jerry Malinga said.


Mthatha airport claims another aircraft

In the space of two months, the small provincial airport has been associated with three incidents involving SAAF aircraft.


SAAF CASA 212 a write-off

The SAAF has to all intents and purposes lost a quarter of its medium transport capability following a hard landing by a CASA 212.


Airforce aircraft in landing accident

A South African Air Force transport plane was involved in a landing incident at Bloemfontein this morning.

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