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Update on my SAAF journey.
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Author:  Stoof [ 06 Nov 2015, 12:12 ]
Post subject:  Update on my SAAF journey.

Good day to everyone and especially the candidates that want to apply.

I started my selections in 2011 when i was still in gr.12. sent in my paperwork and kept phoning them each week to see where my papers are and to make sure they do not get lost. eventually I went for selections and passed everything, nonetheless i was part of the lucky few who passed selections and got into the SAAF as a pupe.

1. I did 15 weeks of basics at Hoedspruit AF Gym, best 15 weeks of your life you never want to do again.
2. Then went to the college in Pta and completed my Officers formative course in 22 weeks.
3. Went to the Military Academy in Saldanha where i currently still is. Upon joining we got told we were only studying for a year at the academy but in our case we then got told we will completing the full degree in 3 years. I am currently completing my 3rd year now at the academy and i hope to start ground school in January 2016.

i am on Pupes course 121. the following pupes courses are also still studying at the academy and has not commenced with flying training as yet: 122 and 124.

pupes course 123 got taken out early from the academy because of their age. Some members were already at the age of 25 at that stage and some already had degrees. (123 used to be members of 121, us young ones were the unlucky ones to stay behind and finish our degrees.)

125 is currently completing Officers forming course and 126 is currently doing basics Military training.

My advice to people who want to join is first get a degree and then join. Then you can at least skip the 3 year studies at the academy. I think most pilots will feel that they joined to fly and not to study. although there is talks of the studies to be taken away due to pilot shortages etc etc. not really 100% sure what the reason is.

SAAF is best decision I ever made and I am still very happy being a part of the blue culture.

please feel free to ask any questions and i will be happy to answer them.


Author:  Dean [ 06 Nov 2015, 13:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Update on my SAAF journey.

Thanks for the updates Stoof, looking forward to hearing of your progress and reporting on your Wings Parade!

Author:  King of Swing [ 08 Nov 2015, 20:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Update on my SAAF journey.

See you soon :wink:

Author:  Darren [ 08 Nov 2015, 23:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Update on my SAAF journey.

Congratulations Stoof! Looking forward to hearing more about your progress.

Author:  King [ 10 Nov 2015, 01:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Update on my SAAF journey.

Hello Stoof. I'm currently twenty years old and am in my first year of studying for a four-year qualification through UNISA. I am planning on sending my CV (and a separate application of possible) next year as early as possible.

What I'd like to know is the following:
1) Is there anything that I should look out for that could prove particularly troublesome at selections? What about blood tests (do they check for anything specific like THC)?
2) Could joining the SAAF make it impossible to finish my degree in the stipulated time period, or would this give me an advantage over candidates (or pupils) like you who will start doing a degree after joining?

Thank you in advance, I highly appreciate your input as someone who already made it through selections.

Author:  Stoof [ 10 Nov 2015, 13:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Update on my SAAF journey.

Good afternoon King :D

1) selections is challenging although I would not say it is impossible to pass. I do think people struggle the most with the vienna test but my advice would be to just stay relax and focused and don't try and chase your mistakes, rather pause for 1-2 seconds and go from there on and recover. Personally I found vienna challenging as you don't know how you are progressing as with a e.g maths test you know +- where you are standing.

Regarding blood test I am not 100% sure what they are looking for, but quite sure it would be for cholesterol, high/low blood pressure and HIV&Aids. Not really sure if they can see if you used drugs. RATHER STAY AWAY FROM IT IF YOU DO!!!!

2) You will definitely be able to finish your degree after joining, but the first year in the SAAF you won't have time to give your full attention to studies. (Personal opinion) and if you do not have a degree they will most likely send you to the academy (if the SAAF does not remove pupes from the academy like I have mentioned in my 1st post).

I honestly do not think you will have a advantage above the rest, you will only end up saving the SAAF some money as they do not have to pay for your degree. But in the long run you will save yourself a lot of trouble as you do not have to attend the academy and you could go to the squadrons much faster than the rest of us. I will be lucky if i can reach the squadron in 2018. Then it took me almost 6 years from joining to flying at a squadron.

hope this helps.

Author:  King [ 21 Nov 2015, 02:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Update on my SAAF journey.

Thank you, that was very informative and helpful.

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