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 Post subject: No Accident This Month
PostPosted: 01 Sep 2017, 11:07 

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Hi All

Drastic circumstances call for drastic actions.

Since my research partner is unable to join me for a few days this year to share costs on account of his family difficulties, and a combination of rising accommodation costs in particular, we have decided for the first time ever, to cancel our annual research trip for 2017. We will try again next year same time.

The implications of this is obviously that I have not been able to obtain any additional accidents besides those previously obtained.

I also feel that a once a month release is too demanding on my time and places unnecessary pressure on me (however self imposed). In order that aircraft type variety does not suffer, I have thus decided to limit releases to once every other month for a maximum of six accidents per year with immediate effect.

It is somewhat ironic that this comes in the same month that I received the single largest order of accident summaries (seven, including one which I have not officially released yet) from one person for one aircraft type (Shackleton) to date which, combined with other purchases during this year, already make 2017 a record year in terms of total accident summaries purchased. I find this most encouraging.

It is evident that as time goes by more individuals with niche interests are slowly being identified ie, people who have very specific but chronic interest in one specific aircraft type above all else and who want to know all there is to know about that specific aircraft, including its attrition history. To date niche interest has been identified for the Harvard, Buccaneer, Shackleton and Dakota types specifically as regards attrition, with clients who simply can't get enough of their beloved aircraft type! No doubt, in time others will be identified too.

So, what would have been this month's release is unfortunately held over to about October 1, when we will have that promised Impala occurrence.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

With thanks.

Clinton Barnard

Updates (one year back): (* confirmed write-off)

01/09/2017: -
01/08/2017: Skymaster 6903's engines were noted to have gone out of synchronisation while in the cruise shortly after departure from a base in northern SWA on 18/04/75 (¾ page text only);
01/07/2017: On 23/01/63, whilst undertaking unauthorised experimental cabin paratrooping exit trials from Alouette III 59, one jumper was injured after exiting the cabin, resulting in damage to the aircraft and causing aircraft controllability problems (3.5 pages text and 10 period images);
01/06/2017: On 21/03/52, following maintenance to its mainwheels, Vampire 206 overran the runway at Swartkop on landing, causing considerable aircraft damage (1¾ pages text only);
01/05/2017: Wasp 86* ditched near Dassen Island on 25/09/1964 while on a communications flight between ship and shore, resulting in one fatality on board (6 pages text only);
01/04/2017: Harvard 7195's propeller struck a walking pilot on the aerodrome on 20/01/1944 (2 pages text only);
01/03/2017: On 06/05/1968 Mirage III 817's pilot aborted take-off resulting in an avoidable major accident (2.5 pages text plus 8 period images);
01/02/2017: Super Frelon 301's pilot was warned to return to base by the air traffic controller only seconds after lifting off on 15/08/1969, due to an abnormal situation prevailing on the exterior of the aircraft whilst on a transport flight from home base (1 page text only);
01/01/2017: Canberra 459's undercarriage suffered aircrew induced damage on 17/04/1972 during circuits and landings at Waterkloof (1.5 pages and 10 period images);
01/12/2016: Alouette II 21 struck an obstacle with its main rotor near Palmiet whilst low flying during a conversion to type course on 06/06/1961 (2.25 pages text and 2 period images);
01/11/2016: During an air show at Dunnottar on 03/08/1963, Hercules 406 discharged its cargo of paratroopers in such a way as to result in injury to spectators and damage to private property (5 pages text, 1 diagram and 1 period aerial photo);
01/10/2016: Buccaneer 412 landed at AFB Waterkloof on 10/02/1970 with its arresting hook lowered during a
heavy downpour after being called back from a Sortie 2 flight (3 pages and 7 period images);

PRESENT ACCIDENTS/INCIDENTS ARCHIVE updated monthly (* confirmed write-off)

Aermacchi MB 326 Impala

472 10/09/68;
487 03/01/68;
508 24/11/69;
512 18/08/69;
watch this space!

Aermacchi/Aeritalia AM-3CM Bosbok


5411 15/06/56*;

Avro MR Mk 3 Shackleton

1716 20/11/57;
1718 05/10/57; 09/11/59; 08/08/63*;
1722 07/07/60;
1723 26/02/58;

Blackburn S MK 50 Buccaneer

412 10/02/70;
415 26/07/65; 06/03/69; 16/10/69*;
417 30/10/65*;

Canadair CL-13B Sabre Mk 6

351 04/04/57;
353 26/04/66*;
357 11/05/66*;
359 04/03/66;
367 30/09/65;

Cessna 185

713 26/11/69;
717 29/01/66;
722 02/08/65*;
723 22/11/63*;
744 25/08/66*;
751 14/05/69;

Cessna 320

ZS-EJL (former SAAF serial 771) 09/10/69;

Dassault Mirage III

816 28/05/64;
817 06/05/68;
821 15/03/69*;
824 15/11/65;

De Havilland Vampire

206 21/03/52;
212 03/02/53*;
233 08/10/54*;
236 22/09/54*;
246 24/11/55*;
268 20/10/65; 27/01/66;

Dornier Do 27A

5430 03/11/58;
5431 12/03/62*;

Douglas C-47/Dakota

6801 10/09/45;
6807 28/08/43;
6809 28/09/45*;
6822 23/01/46;
6832 26/01/66;
6847 08/07/45*;
6853 01/04/45;

Douglas C-54/DC-4 Skymaster

6903 18/04/75;

English Electric Canberra

459 17/04/72;

Hawker Siddeley HS.125-400B Mercurius

Lockheed C-130 Hercules

406 03/08/63;

North American Texan/Harvard

7001 04/12/43;
7011 13/04/43*;
7060 10/08/43;
7074 19/01/44*;
7085 11/12/43*;
7091 21/10/43*;
7092 17/05/43* (see 7119);
7094 08/02/44;
7097 03/08/43;
7099/Hind 23 12/03/43;
7107 21/01/44;
7108 05/11/43*;
7119 17/05/43* (see 7092);
7121 24/02/44*;
7122 11/11/43*;
7125 12/04/44*;
7126 25/04/44;
7134 21/12/43*;
7141 19/01/43;
7160 31/03/44 (see 7217);
7164 19/08/43;
7168 13/10/43 (see 7231);
7170 12/06/43*;
7174 16/08/43;
7185 31/03/44;
7195 20/01/44;
7198 11/01/44;
7200 19/02/43;
7205 21/11/43* (see 7227);
7217 31/03/44* (see 7160);
7227 21/11/43* (see 7205);
7228 26/04/43;
7231 13/10/43 (see 7168);
7241 16/03/44*;
7251 05/07/43*;
7260 17/05/43; 14/12/43*;
7262 11/01/44;
7264 23/04/43;
7266 04/10/43;
7274 06/09/43;
7277 29/07/43*;
7278 09/02/44;
7281 04/05/43*;
7283 27/03/44*;
7289 09/09/43;
7318 06/09/43*;
7351 27/01/44;
7388 09/11/43;
7391 26/11/43;
7418 19/04/44*;
7419 05/01/44*;
7452 13/03/44*;

Piaggio P.166S Albatross

Sud Est SE 3130 Alouette II

16 03/10/66*;
18 20/07/67; 01/08/67; 02/08/67; 04/08/67;
21 06/06/61; 22/04/66;

Sud Est SE3160/SA316B Alouette III

39 19/04/66;
43 07/01/63;
47 25/02/66;
56 08/01/66*;
59(1) 23/01/63;
63 19/09/66;

Sud Aviation SA 321L Super Frelon

301 25/07/67; 15/08/69;

Sud Aviation SA 330 Puma

Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX

5622* 03/04/54;

Swearingen Merlin Mk IVA

Transall C-160Z

Vickers Viscount

150 19/03/63;

Westland HAS Mk 1 Wasp

81 17/06/64*;
82 08/08/67;
84 18/03/68;
86 25/09/64*;
87 19/09/68*;

Total Separate Accident/Incident Archive Occurrences Released Above To Date: 123

Where no entry appears under a specific type, this means that the type qualifies, but that I have not yet processed any occurrence involving this type ie, watch this space!


How would you like to receive your personal copy of my Accident Summaries? Better still, how would you like to receive them in your inbox in original full length version with full supporting period and other image accompaniment with relevant tables/charts/diagrams/transcripts etc where appropriate!? Now it is possible. With Dean's consent, commencing about the start of each month and every month thereafter, I will announce the availability of one previously unpublished Accident Summary here.

Summaries vary in length from about ¾ page of text to as many as 12 excluding images and image captions.
Note that not all occurrences are image accompanied depending on the circumstances of the occurrence and what copy of the Court/Board of Inquiry/Station Investigation I get to process.

Accidents will cover the time period 01/10/42 to 31/12/75 as per the high-end limitations imposed by current legislation in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act and involve all types of attrition, both benign and spectacular, to exclusively the following types: the Harvard/Texan, C-47/Dakota, C-54/Skymaster, C-130 Hercules, Transall C-160Z, Merlin Mk IVA, HS.125 Mercurius, Viscount, Shackleton, Piaggio P.166S Albatross, Cessna 185, AM-3CM Bosbok, two Do 27, one Auster, one Spitfire, Canberra, Buccaneer, Mirage III, Vampire, Sabre, Impala, Wasp, Alouette II and III, Puma and the Super Frelon. No single type will be represented more than twice over a given 12-month calender period. Other types may be added in due course when legislation relaxes.

All summaries appearing in the database above are available for purchase by anyone at any time at R40 per summary all inclusive.

Simply let me know exactly what aircraft types you would potentially be interested in from the database and give me your e-mail, and I will contact you as soon as a summary involving that aircraft type becomes available for purchase.

If you are interested, please contact me on: or telephone: +27 (0)31 261 8748 (H + W) all hours or 072 2749 032 (sms only please as phone mostly off) for payment details or if you have any queries regarding this subject.

All purchases will be subject to my terms and conditions and copyright, which include among others, that no summary or part thereof (including images) may be reproduced on any site or publication or other communications systems for any purpose whatsoever and that summaries are for personal (private) use exclusively and may not be distributed to a second party for any reason whatsoever, except with my consent. If any uncertainty exists, please run your plans by me. By making payment, the purchaser will thus consent to having read and fully agreed to these terms and conditions.

Upon request, I may waiver the copyright for a particular purchased accident summary to be reproduced verbatim on a site or in a publication at my sole discretion, provided that the source is acknowledged.

Although this system is prone to abuse, I would strongly advise that individuals would refrain from doing so, since it may well compromise the success of this effort and if I feel that it is not being sustainably successful, I will have no choice but to discontinue this effort and the future of summaries being available to the public will be forever jeopardised. By personally honouring the above terms, you will thus be investing in the future of more summaries being made available, both for your personal information and for that of others.

Note: Due to logistical limitations on my part, payments made in a given month may only see that summary e-mailed during the first week of the following month.

There is plenty of potential SAAF aircraft history and operational procedure waiting to be unlocked and revealed to the glory of SAAF aviation history. Please allow me to make it happen for YOU!

In the interests of flying safety and preserving SAAF history.


Clinton Barnard


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