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SAAF PV-1 Ventura - modifications after delivery
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Author:  JimmyZ [ 02 Dec 2018, 08:32 ]
Post subject:  SAAF PV-1 Ventura - modifications after delivery

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for some information on SAAF PV-1 Ventura's during WWII, especially SAAF specific modifications.
Questions I am looking to answer are in line of the following:

-Where did the SAAF get it's Ventura's? Ex. British aircraft, Ex. US aircraft, directly from Lockheed?
-My understanding is that Lockheed delivered all Ventura's in single pilot cockpit configuration according to British standard. The US navy added dual controls as field modifications. If SAAF got Ventura's from the Americans, it would have had dual controls (?). If it received it from the British or directly from Lockheed, did the SAAF convert it to dual pilot configuration?
-Are there anything else of note that the SAAF changed on it's PV-1's?

I've been on the internet for days but I have not been able to answer any of these questions.
Any help would be appreciated.

Author:  Dean [ 02 Dec 2018, 11:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: SAAF PV-1 Ventura - modifications after delivery

I don't have any reference material with me, but I think all the PV-1/B-34 aircraft came via the RAF.

Some aircraft had previously served with the Americans, as many aircraft had their American insignia over-sprayed with that of the RAF/SAAF. Not sure if that means the aircraft were sprayed in US colours at the factory and then transferred immediately to the RAF, or if they had actually served with the US Navy.

Author:  flyingspringbok [ 02 Dec 2018, 13:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: SAAF PV-1 Ventura - modifications after delivery

All the SAAF B-34 and PV-1 Venturas came via the RAF during WW2 with many issued directly to the SAAF in West Africa having been flown across the Atlantic. Fitted with special long range tanks in the bomb bay and flown from the Lockheed factory at Burbank to Brazil then to Accra, from where SAAF crews flew them to SA.

I know of B-34 Ventura Is and IIs carrying the USAAF star during delivery but believe this was only before the USA entered the war. PV-1s seemed to have carried the USAAF star on delivery but were overpainted with the roundel on issue.
B34s were painted in the standard day bomber scheme of Dark Green/Dark Earth/Sky while PV-1s were painted in the standard US Navy scheme of Sea Blue/Intermediate Blue/White.

I am not aware of any having actually served with the USAAF or RAF prior to delivery and can only assume that the markings applied as a rule at the factory were simply overpainted on delivery.
I am not aware of any specific SAAF modifications - only of some being fitted with flame dampers and of two different upper turrets (Boulton-Paul type and Martin 250 CE-13), many of which were removed and blanked off - particularly those based in SA for coastal patrols.
Those with the 10 Wing / 4 Group Intensive Shuttle Service would also have had armament removed and passenger seats fitted.

I know that the PV-1s did have dual controls (not sure about the B-34 but assume was single control) but not sure if fitted by SAAF or delivered as such.

Author:  JimmyZ [ 04 Dec 2018, 16:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: SAAF PV-1 Ventura - modifications after delivery

Thanks for the info flyingspringbok and Dean!

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