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Augmented Reality: Mirage F1
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Author:  Jakes [ 11 Oct 2015, 23:27 ]
Post subject:  Augmented Reality: Mirage F1

Playing around with Augmented Reality for Android.

Basically, The app uses your device's camera, using a preset image as reference base (In this case the 2Sqn Badge found here )
Once the app recognise the image, it display a 3D image that you can rotate as if it is a real model




So for those with Android devices and would like to try out this: here you go:

1) Download the build APK here
2) Copy the MirageF1.apk to your device, and via the My Files browser, locate and install on device (More help here)
3) Once installed, run the app, and simply point to a image badge.

(Use at own risk [-X )

Feedback welcome!

Author:  S70B2 [ 12 Oct 2015, 11:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Augmented Reality: Mirage F1

It is amazing what they nowadays do with augmented reality devices.

A major project I worked on included an augmented reality system to train helicopter aircrewman to conduct hoisting operations and to teach them techniques for directing the flying crew in confined areas. The training was done on a rig using virtual reality devises.

I've also been in discussions with an outfit in the US that actually developed a system that allows fast jet crew to conduct virtual air-to-air refueling whilst actually flying the real aircraft. For them, it appears there is a tanker whereby they could hook-up and hold position (Similar to your Mirage F1CZ). The same could be done for close formation flying and practicing weapon release techniques.

Another system under development was a helicopter-ship augmented reality system. This allows the crew to practice deck approaches and landings whilst at flying at safe altitude. For them it appears they are flying close to the water surface and that there is a dynamic ship deck to negotiate. Obviously, there are limitations to this type of training. At safe altitude there is no dynamic interference effects between the helicopter and "ship". Also, air vehicle handling is not as you would expect for like Hover-in Ground Effect.

Author:  Petracephas [ 13 Oct 2015, 04:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Augmented Reality: Mirage F1

WOW. Very very cool!

Are those the same models and textures used in the Bushwar mod?

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